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It's absolutely natural for a man to want to have a beautiful wife and a happy family. Sometimes it happens so that a very successful in career respect man, misses a family. Maybe he just didn't have time to look for a nice girl, because he spent most of the time working, or just didn?t meet his sweetheart! However at some point of life a man realizes that his nice car, or a big house, or a well-paid job doesn't make him so happy as it used to in the past! In Ukraine there?s a saying: "Man in his lifetime has to plant a tree, build a house and raise a son", unfortunately we don't have anything to do with trees or real estate, but we definitely can introduce you to a young, attractive and marriage minded lady, who will make a wonderful wife and a great mother for your kid (or kids).
Mordinson family has started working in the international dating field in 1999, and since then we had a privilege to introduce some of the most amazing, young and caring Ukrainian ladies to the men from all over the world.
Our strategy is personal introduction. We only have about 200 ladies. The gallery is kept up to date. All the ladies are available and live in Kharkov or its area and are able to meet you here.
We strongly believe that quality is a lot more important than quantity. That's why all the ladies who you see at the gallery are carefully selected. We personally interview every girl in our catalogue. Each lady is photographed in Mordinson photo studio; there are only fresh, current and clear pictures in each lady's profile. It's also possible to ask for New Exclusive set of pictures that will be done particularly for you. The ladies get all the services FREE.
If you liked a lady and want to contact her, you may send an introduction letter to her. All the letters are professionally translated by staff translators, who have degrees in German and English, including a certificate from University of Cambridge in English (certificate #5889857) and Master Degree in Translation science (German and English) from Ukrainian People's Academy. (degree XA#25265634).
A Mordinson Introduction is offering wide range of services that will help to develop your friendship, you can send flowers and gifts, talk over the phone, get her an English course, if her knowledge needs to be improved. It will be surprising to realise that just in a couple of weeks, you will be talking with the girl(s) like if you have known each other for ages! No letters can replace a meeting, so at some point of time you will decide to make a trip to Ukraine. We will give all the feedback needed to make a trip.
As you get to Ukraine, you are met by Mordinson representative who will serve you as an interpreter-coordinator during your trip. During your stay in Kharkov, you are going to stay in a modern, brand new Mordinson owned apartments. The apartments are approximately 70 square meters (754 square feet), equipped with powerful air conditioning and central vacuum cleaning systems. The apartment complex is situated in the very centre of the city, 5 minutes walk from main city Liberty Square.
You are to provide us with the list of the ladies you are interested in and if you have any preferences as for the meeting schedule. The meeting schedule is well organized and constructed in prior to your visit.
The initial meetings are usually not very long, 1, 5 hour each. This way it's possible to meet all the ladies of interest within the few days and to concentrate on those ladies who you feel the most comfortable with.
To have the second meeting scheduled with the ladies that you liked you are to give the names and ID# of the ladies to your translator/coordinator. We'll contact the ladies and schedule the next meetings on your convenience.
Within 7 days you may meet as many ladies as you like any number of times. Meetings are one on one basis and take a place in some nice cafes or restaurants.
Joining A Mordinson Introduction elite dating club is the investment to your future family. It is an essential step on the way to finding a loving, caring and beautiful wife from Ukraine.
Mishael Mordinson is an owner of A Mordinson Introduction, family run elite introduction club based in Kharkov, Ukraine mordinson

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