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Piper Plays With German Gospel Choir By David S Duncan

As an exiled Scot, who has lived here in Germany for the last fourteen years, my Scottish heritage and culture are becoming more and more important to me.
A good example of this is the fact that when I lived in Scotland, I never owned a kilt, and within a couple of years moving here I bough myself a full Highland Dress outfit.
And I take every chance I get to wear my kilt, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
What amazes me, is how the Scottish culture and music are embraced by other countries around the world.
And I don't just mean America, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and themonwealth countries, which all have large numbers of residents who have either emigrated from Scotland, or who have Scottish heritage.
No I refer here in particular to Germany, a country which I have grown to love over the last fourteen years.
Music has always played a big part in my life, especially singing.
And when a couple of years ago I was invited to join a Gospel choir, I jumped at the chance.
As you can imagine being a native English speaker, and Gospel music being sung in English, this was the perfect choir for me here in Germany.
In January of this year the gospel choir were singing at a church service for the German military and their families.
Our choir master informed us at the previous choir practice, that there was to be one or two surprises during the service, and that no matter what transpired we were to keep singing.
After half an hour or so into our programme, we were indeed surprised to be joined by yet another choir, this choir was made up from serving soldiers and members of their families.
So we now had a massed choir performing gospel music for the congregation, much to my choir's delight.
But for me the best was yet toe.
After the massed choir had sung two more songs, we then heard the first two bars of an all time favourite of mine being played on the keyboard, by our choirmaster.
The music was none other than "Amazing Grace" the melody of this song was written in Scotland.
And then to my delight from the back of the church, came the unmistakable sound of bagpipes joining in.
Both the choir and the congregation were amazed to see a piper in full Highland Dress, slow marching towards us to the sound of his own bagpipes.
Remembering what the choirmaster had said we dutifully continued singing.
And I must tell you, at this point I had quite a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, but did manage to keep singing.
I was to learn later that evening, having been introduced to the piper, that the choirmaster had asked him to play the pipes especially in honour of having a Scotsman as a choir member.
He went on to tell me that he plays several musical instruments, and had had his bagpipes handmade in Scotland.
It is one Gospel church service that I will never forget, the day a piper accompanied our massed choir as we sang "Amazing Grace".
David S Duncan is the author of the article you have just read.
For aprehensive guide to the kilt and all its accessories visit your-kilt your-kilt where you will find answers to all your kilt related questions.
Including photographic evidence of what is worn under the kilt.
The site has many different photographs of kilts from all over the world, as well as videos featuring pipe bands.
There are also many photographs of Scotland's stunning scenery .
Articles on the history of the kilt, as well as the Scottish and Irish clans go to make up my web site, which is dedicated to the world's most famous National Dress.
David_S_Duncan David_S_Duncan

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