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Man's Best Wingman: How to Train Your Dog to Help You Attract Women

Man's Best Wingman: How to Train Your Dog to Help You Attract Women

When you need someone to help you attract a girl, go to your's best friend, that is! Yes, dogs are great "assets" towards picking up woman. Attraction isn't a choice--but if you understand how having a dog is something that women are naturally attracted to, you can use a dog to your advantage! First, a warning: DON'T get a dog just for picking up women! As a dog-lover myself, it's important that I tell you to only get a dog if you're going to dogproblems index.cfm?affID=advicefully train it and give it the time and attention it needs. I actually just found out about a great site for dog training. It'll help you decide if you have the time and energy for a dog, and if so, what to do to train it properly. As I mention below, dogproblems index.cfm?affID=advicea well-trained dog is an attraction-building dog! Benefits of Showing Off a Well-Trained Dog: * If your dog is well trained, it shows you're in control and have power over animals--which will make it seem like you have control over women, too. * Having a dog makes you look more affectionate. Give your dog lots of cuddles and praise in front of girls--they love this. * It shows connections. As women are all about friendship building and connection making, having a bond with a dog shows you know how to build a bond like nothing else. What dogs are best? Definitely the beautiful, lovable, fairly big dogs, like golden retrievers, German Shepherds, and labradors. You especially can't go wrong with a lovable, playful Golden Retriever. Small toy dogs, like Pomeranians and chihuahuas, may be cute, but they don't exactly make you look manly. Conversely, big, aggressive dogs, like Dobermans, may make good protectors, but if you have any fear that they could be aggressive towards woman, don't trot them out for play in front of a girl--a loud, aggressive dog can easily backfire on you! How to use your dog for your attraction skills: * Play with your dog. Have fun with him. Show the girl you're having a good time: when a girl sees the dog is having fun with you, she correspondingly feels like she could have fun with you. You come across an energetic, fun person. On top of that, by getting physical and into it with your dog, you show you like to exercise and are not a lazy, sit-around-home kind of guy. Just by appearing outside at the park, you come across as sociable and fit. * When playing with your dog, make sure you teach him some tricks, and do those tricks in front of the woman. This is great for filling the second rule of The Tao of Steve: Have a talent it and present it to the woman. If a woman sees that you can train a dog and make him obey you, she'll wonder what it's like for HER to obey you...a very scintillating prospect! * Without making it obvious, get the dog to go to your girl. You can do this by throwing a ball near her (a bit obvious), or running around with the dog near the girl, and doing something funny like making the dog jump a lot. Girls love to see an excited dog playing with his master. If you're really bold--and your dog is trained to do it--you can have your dog do something cheesy like bring a flower to the girl. Do this by training your dog the Fetch and Leave commands. It's no wonder dogs are so great for attracting beautiful girls: What woman doesn't love a cute furball who's full of fun and excitement?
James B regularly explores topics of attraction. Since 2000, he has helped thousands of men around the world build confidence and get the women they deserve. 000relationships towomenSign up now to get his free six-part mini-course. Because it's YOUR turn!

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